About Propolis Tincture

Leaving natural propolis to dissolve in medicinal grade alcohol, because it will only dissolve in alcohol and not water, you will create Propolis Tincture. The product of this process is then diluted to the desired strength by adding distilled water.

Aristaios Propolis Products prides itself in only using natural, unpolluted propolis from regions in Africa where very little crop production take place. This means there is also very little chance of chemical pollution.

By carefully crafting our Propolis Tincture in our manufacturing facility to the optimal strength required you will have the most advantageous results when using it according to our recommendation.

The benefits of using Propolis Tincture in the management of a large variety of ailments are well documented.

Aristaios Propolis Products intention for this site is to provide you with the necessary information to make informed decisions about the use of Propolis Tincture.

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